November 17 nach baliye update: Shilpa and Apurva out.

Malaika Arora Khan danced on “Chamma Chamma” from China Gate choreographed by Saroj Khan. Not to say she looked stunning in golden outfit and danced well. The judges comment were more interesting then the performance. Today Shilpa Saklani, Parmeet Sethi and Varun Badola were on the judges seat. They imitated Malaika, Farhan & Saroj Khan respectively.

Shilpa was first to comment on Malliaka. She commented on her costumes and color choice. She further hilariously repeated trade mark comment of Malaika, “Aap ka performance garam tha – Hope to see you in next round”.Parmeet emulated Farhan with his comment, “Very good performance. Aap ka performance MP aur UP tak hi simit rah gaya, why not Sri Lanka – China”.:) Next came Varun as Saroj Khan. Heis comments were interesting. “Sab kuch to kah diya inhone, magar aap bahut aacha nachi – very good. I would like to speak to your choreographer.”

After the comments part, judges were on their seat.

Poonam and Manish were first to perform. They performed on Rajashthani folk dholna and everybody loved it. Malaika comments: You started as an average performer but have improved a lot. You two have managed to recreate Rajasthani feel.
Farhan: Very good performance, brilliant costume and good conceptualization.
Saroj Khan: Poonam did Twirling step that Sri Devi was not able to do nicely.
Scores: 10, 9, 8 by Saroj khan, Malaika & Farhan respectively.

Rajiv & Delnaaz: The danger zone jodi since last 2 episodes. They performed on bhumbroo based on Kashmiri folk.
Malaika: Rajiv, you looked nervous today but you look great in this outfit. Performance was not great but nice.
Farhan: You should dance well as the stage has come very close to finals. Don’t try to only make your steps correct.
Saroj Khan: Steps were straight from the movies. Your dance didn’t looked like a folk dance.
Scores: Malaika – 5, Farhan – 5, Saroj Khan – 7

Sachin and Supriya: Couple danced on dhagala lagli, a Maharashtrian folk. They danced well.
Malaika: (standing ovation) I was not able to find any flaw.
Farhan: Mind blasting
Saroj Khan: Mind blowing. “aaj ka app ka performance dil ko chu gaya”
Scores: 10,10,10 by all three.

Apurva & Shilpa: They performed on Gujurati folk “dholi taro” from Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam..
Malaika: Aaj ka performance aap ka best performance tha.
Farhan: Flawless performance.
Saroj Khan: Use your imagination but it was a good performance.
Scores: 9, 8, 9 by Malaika, Farhan and Saroj khan respectively.

Parmeet & Archana: My favorites. They danced on dariya kinare a folk dance from Goa.
Malaika: Good timing and amazing chemistry.
Farhan: Wah kya team hai.
Saroj khan: I liked your expression. Very good performance.
Scores: 10 by all 3 judges.

Varun and Rajeshwari: They danced like professionals. They were above the level of dances performed at nach baliye stage.

Malaika: Your performance was best in Nach Baliye til date.
Farhan: This is an example of serious dance.
Saroj Khan: Mind blowing performance.
Scores: Not to say they also got perfect 30.

Elimination round:

Archana and Parmeet, Sachin and Supriya, Poonam and Manish, Rajeshwari and Varun were in safe zone. Delnaaz-Rajiv and Shilpa-Apurva were in danger zone. Finally, the sad part, Shilpa and Apurva were eliminated from nach baliye. I would say just Bad Luck…:(


  1. Well i think apurva & shilpa shud hav been out very well b4…..they were jus scroing points due to their fame on their names otherwise their performance waz never ever tht gr8….rite from the beginn’g….plz note
    Episode1: they performed “dus bahane” which was only a male oriented song 7 shilpa had nothing 2 do except for flaunting around here & thr….they were useless.
    Episode2: the did “hai rama” from rangeela…not very bad but ookk…..
    Episode3: there was no dance in their song called “excuse me” but still they scored a pretty good score of 9,9 & 8…this day Sai & shakti were much better in comedy still they got no points n were out……..tht was totally unfair.
    Episode4: in the retro special “chadti jawaani” had hardly any dance & was jus below par.the steps were repeated……still the judges found them soooo gud…i believe tht day rajeshwari-varun didn’t deserve tht bad scorez as they were given…..
    Episode5: the shaadi special on “mujhse shaadi karoge” was again bad…..inspite of bad comments, they got gud scorez….tht was unjust……
    Episode6: they were finally eliminated n i was damn happy since the audience vil not appreciate partiallity even if the couple is gud-looking or very popular as actors…… has 2 b FAIR PLAY & only the BEST should win.

  2. nothing’s been mentioned about the choreographers……especially varun and rajeshwari’s…..please do that…………at least some information about them…..

  3. please send some information about rajiv surti . i am not at all happy with the elimination of shilpa and apurva. i thinkand i believe that they are eliminated wrong.

  4. can someone tell me who won the finals of nach baliye? watched it for 2 hrs…..didnt watch the last part

  5. i dunnu wutz da f***in prob wid u guyz…..apurva n shilpa were so kool n luked really nice 2gether….i fink they shud hv got da title on nach baliye,bt……..

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    LoVeLy U

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