Maninee and Mihir out at 3 November nach baliye Episode

By in Reality TV World on November 3rd, 2005

Archana and Parmeet nach baliye

Sad, but one of the couple has to go every week to get the winner out of the lot. This time Maninee and Mihir got out of Nach Baliye. The choreographer had a fierce discussion with Saroj Khan but no gain. I am fan of Archana and Parmeet from the very first episode and today in addition, they performed very well. In fact, they were the best but I do not know why Saroj Khan gave them 9 instead of 10.

Sachin-Supriya today got complete 30 and I am not sure if they deserved it more then Archana-Parmeet. I don’t know if the judges are biased especially Saroj Khan. Archana Parmeet were good in all aspects from facial expressions to dance steps and they are the one who are performing better week after week.


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  1. the judges in nachbaliye seem to have lost the fact sheet that the performinga rtists are amateurs
    .especially sarojkhan, seem to be palying the bulldog not even watcg dog role — than the role of undetached judge ,one can clearly see how the new choreogrphers dread to speak when she has limited vocabulary like very good,bad etc to put down people

    it may be useful to bring in more objective judges than industry ehavy weights

  2. ok

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